The Real Sun Releases “Walk Away” Music Video in Solidarity with International Women’s Day

Toronto, March 7, 2014 – Toronto based artist The Real Sun presents “Walk Away” music video for the first single from her recently released sophomore album titled “HORIZON”. Acoustic Soul in genre the song is written from the heart, rooted in real stories, deep caverns of truth carved with intention and emotion.  And on the cusp of International Women’s Day, The Real Sun releases a piece of her story, an act of solidarity with women who are survivors all over the world.

The Real Sun herself is a survivor of gender-based violence, and comes from a long generational lineage of women who are survivors of abuse. “Walk Away” is a song that she composed imagining herself going back in time, and speaking to her mother, urging her to walk away from the abusive relationship she was in with her father. The music video tells a piece of her story, and the story of countless women across the world through music, visuals, and actors.

The music video was created in collaboration with Nomanzland a local theatre group in Jane-Finch known for telling the raw truth, and features multicultural actors to show that gender-based violence can happen to anyone. Because it does, to so many, all over the world. The music video is also a piece of The Real Sun’s migration story. She came to Canada at age 5 with her mother, because they were fleeing the abuse. “Walk Away” is a testimony of resilience.

The Real Sun is a Korean-Canadian artist based in Jane-Finch. An educator, community builder, and healer-in-training, with a creative spirit with the soul of a revolutionary. She lives by four pillars: Art, Education, Healing, and Social Justice. With the understanding that these are necessary components for creating lasting and meaningful positive social change, her true calling and purpose in life.

As an artist educator, The Real Sun hopes to use the Music Video for “Walk Away” as an educational tool, to engage young people, and in particular young women, in conversations about healing and social justice.

The Real Sun composed, produced, and recorded “Walk Away” and the other songs on her album “HORIZON”, in collaboration with the Palisades Media Arts Academy in Jane-Finch. A program geared towards supporting local youth and artists produce and create new music.

“I wrote these songs as affirmations to myself in my search for healing, as I strive to understand the meaning of balance, to redefine revolution and embody evolution.” – The Real Sun

YouTube Link to “Walk Away” Music Video: “Walk Away – The Real Sun – Horizon”

Video Credits

Directed by: Andrae Walsh of RAW ent.

Executive Producer: The Real Sun

Director of Photography: Omar Sanchez of Kingstylez Productions

Lighting Design: Isiah Lea

Writer: Stanley Muddah

Make up: GiGi



Abusive husband/Bass: Steven Raphael Gomez Salguero a.k.a Heavy Steve

Wife: GiGi

Daughter: Tyra Lattimore

Percussion: Ruben “Beny” Esguerra


The Real Sun is an Artist, Educator, Community Builder, and Healer-in-Training with a creative spirit and the soul of a Revolutionary. Based out of the Jane-Finch neighbourhood in Toronto Canada, The Real Sun lives, breathes, and creates to manifest her true purpose, potential, and passion; striving for balance and meaningful and lasting social change, through Art, Education, Healing, and Social Justice. “Digging deeper to uncover hidden truths.”

For media inquires, please contact: (647) 262-5836



Preview of the Intro to the EP & “Walk Away” – the first Single from The Real Sun’s “HORIZON” EP 2013