A new life.
Breath after death.
Light after life.
No longer am I who I used to be.
I emerge from the fire a fuller me.
I lay to rest, my name, my identity.
All that I clung onto so deeply burns away.
The embers still burn in the ashes of my remains.
The flames blaze from within my soul, It purifies me.
Hot is the core of the sun.
As ‘The Real Sun’ sets on the horizon
‘Sun’ rises from the ashes, a Phoenix.
Birthed of the fire of awakening.
Wings of liberation for the time of reckoning.
I am here, to manifest my destiny.
To create new paths, and guidance for those who seek their dreams.
A new stage, a new frontier.
The shift is happening.
It is here.
It is now.
It is time.
so I rise.
a Phoenix
Birthed of the fires of Awakening
Rising from the ashes of my remains
I declare my freedom
I own my power
I claim my throne.
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